2019 New England LMSC Short Course Yards Championship
Hosted by Charles River Masters
March 16 and March 22-24, 2019
Blodgett Pool, Harvard University, Boston MA

Entry Form

There are two ways to enter this meet. We strongly urge you to use the online entries method. It saves you time, saves you money, and saves us time and typing.

Enter Online
with a
Credit Card

  Available to all USMS members. We accept credit/debit cards via PayPal. You can enter this meet online through your web browser using a credit card. You will be required to use PayPal to pay for your entry with a credit card. A PayPal account is not required. If you have already sent in a paper entry form, please do not submit an additional entry using this online tool. You will save $5.00 if you enter online. If you are not registered with USMS for 2019, please register online now. If you are not sure, please check your registration status at the USMS web site.
Adobe PDF Form

  To use this form, click the link to the left to open the form using Adobe Acrobat Reader, and print it out on your printer. Then, fill out the form by hand, sign at the bottom, and mail it in with your payment. If you send in a paper entry form, you are strongly advised to send it via USPS Express Mail with delivery confirmation. Every year, many paper entry forms are lost in the mail. If your paper entry form is lost in the mail, there is nothing we can do unless you have a USPS Express Mail receipt with a tracking number that establishes proof of mailing.

Entry Form Reminders
  • Sign and date your entry form
  • Make sure your date-of-birth is correct
  • Make sure your USMS ID number is correct
  • Include your payment with your entry
  • Make sure your write your name exactly as it
    appears on your 2019 USMS registration
    card (including any middle name or initial)
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Help with the entry forms:
    • If you can't get either form to load on your computer, please make sure you have installed Adobe Acrobat Reader. [ Download Adobe Acrobat Reader ]
    • If the form does not display correctly, please make sure you have installed the latest version of Adobe Actobat Reader. [ Download Adobe Acrobat Reader ]
    • When printing your form, please make sure that it prints out correctly on the page. To make sure it prints correctly, check the box labeled "Auto-rotate and center pages" when printing.

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