2020 New England LMSC Short Course Yards Championship
Hosted by Charles River Masters
March 14 and March 20-22, 2020
March 14: BSI-Wellesley, Wellesley MA   
March 20-22: Blodgett Pool, Harvard University, Boston MA

Meet Information


  • The Distance Day session on March 14 will take place at Boston Sports Institute (BSI) Wellesley in Wellesley MA. Other sessions will take place at Harvard University’s Blodgett Pool.
  • The Friday session on March 20 has a 3:00pm warmup and 4:00pm start, offering the 500 free and 800 free relay. Swimmers must bring their own timer for this session.

ENTRIES: Maximum of five individual events, plus two relays per day. Swimmers may not swim both 1000 and 1650. You must include a seed time for each entered event. Entry times of “NT” will not be accepted. 

Entries with problems will be listed on the meet web site. Please check the meet web site frequently to make sure there were no problems with your entry. Please submit a single entry form for both weekends. No refunds will be issued for entry fees for any reason. Swimmers may not change workout group affiliation after completing their first relay or individual event.

ENTRY DEADLINE: The regular entry deadline is Friday, February 28, 2020. Note: We may stop accepting entries early for any or all sessions due to session timeline capacity. Please check the web site to see if entries are still open.

FACILITIES: The Distance Day session on March 14 will take place at Boston Sports Institute (BSI) Wellesley. Other sessions will take place at Harvard University’s Blodgett Pool.

DIRECTIONS and PARKING: Please see the web site for directions and parking information.

ELIGIBILITY: 2020 registered United States Masters Swimming (USMS) swimmers 18 years or older as of March 22, 2020. [Check your USMS Registration here] Also, 2020 registered Masters swimmers from other countries.

RULES: 2020 USMS rules apply. We will use dive-over starting. If you want more time to exit the pool, please notify the meet referee in advance.

ADD or CHANGE ENTRIES: You may not change events after submitting your entry. You may add events for a fee of $10 + $6/event.

LATE ENTRIES: After February 28, if the meet is not FULL, we may accept a limited number of late online entries with an additional $20 late penalty. We will not accept late paper entries. Please check the meet web site for more information.

HEAT SEEDING: All events are timed finals. Heats seeded by sex from slowest to fastest. The Meet Director or Meet Referee shall have the right to change seed times that are obviously incorrect based on previous performances. Entries without seed times will not be accepted.

SEED TIME PRIZE: The first 10 swimmers who finish with the exact time submitted on their entry will receive a $10 gift card. (Limit: 1 per swimmer)

AWARDS: Certificate for mounting an adhesive label record of your performance in each individual event. Awards for male and female high point winner. Team awards will be given to the top three Large (26+ swimmers), Medium (12-25), and Small (1-11) teams, combining NEMSC workout groups and USMS clubs. Team size is based on swimmers entered into the meet. Awards are provided by the New England LMSC.

ALL EVENTS REQUIRE POSITIVE CHECK-IN: All events will be deck seeded from entry form times. Events will close for check-in and will be seeded approximately one hour before they start. An events timeline with a listing of when each event will close for check-in and seeding will be posted to the official meet web site. When you arrive at the pool, be sure to visit the check-in table immediately to check-in for your events. The first event each day will close for check-in 45 minutes before the session starts. (The women’s 1000 free closes at 9:45am, the women’s 500 free closes 3:15pm, and the 400 IM closes at 8:15am.)

WARM-UP/WARM-DOWN: The entire pool will be available for warm-up for one hour before the start of each session. On Saturday and Sunday, there will be a 15 minute warm-up in the competition pool immediately following the conclusion of that day’s first event. The separate warmup areas will be available during all sessions, and all lanes will be available for warm-down 30 minutes after the last heat of each session.

RELAYS: Relay swimmers must be entered in at least one individual event. Relays will be deck-entered at the meet and must be submitted by the deadline announced at the meet—approximately one hour before the event. Swimmers will be allowed one relay for each relay event; swimmers may not be on a single-sex and mixed-sex relay of the same event. Due to USMS rules, all swimmers on a relay must be affiliated with the same USMS team. Swimmers from different NEMSC workout groups may create ‘NEM-Unattached’ relays, which will not score points.

SCORING: The first sixteen places in each individual age group event will score in the following sequence: 17, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. The top sixteen relays in each age group event will score double points. The 800 free relay is unscored.

HOTELS: Find local hotels on Expedia.com.

MEET WEB SITE: The official meet web site is at: http://www.meetresults.com/nelmscscy/ The web site will provide current meet information, psych sheets, timelines and a list of entry problems with deadlines for resolution. During the meet, the web site will feature instant results and updated events timeline. Please check the web site frequently to be sure there are no problems with your entry.

MORE INFORMATION: Email to nelmscscy@meetresults.com. Please visit the meet web site for additional information and frequently asked questions about the meet. http://www.meetresults.com/nelmscscy/

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